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ECCN Classification

Determine the ECCN number for goods correctly and quickly

With Trademo Compliance, the determination of the export control classification number for good becomes effective and quick with an intuitive ECCN number lookup from its vast database of export administration regulations.

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Our data source
We collect and normalize authentic and verified global trade compliance data from the government and federal customs authorities which is updated on a real-time basis.
What is the ECCN number and Why Do you Need it

ECCN number is used to classify or denote goods that can have potential dual uses, negative usages notably. This means that there are several items that can be used commercially but also used as weapons or for any harmful purpose. Such goods are considered a threat to national security and require proper licensing and permits for being traded.

ECCN or Export Control Classification Number is dictated by several international regulatory lists like Commerce Control List (CCL), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Unites States Munitions List (USML), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), etc.

Here is why you need to determine the correct ECCN number for your exports.
  • Prevent the potential negative usage of the dual-use goods
  • Ensure accurate licensing by proper goods classification against the right legislation
  • Avoid severe non-compliance costs including jail resulting from inaccurate export control classification
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Why choose Trademo Compliance for ECCN number lookup

A comprehensive library of ECN codes


Trademo Compliance hosts an exhaustive database of country-specific dual-use and military-use goods. Our data coverage extends over 4 countries including the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK.


The tool presents a tree view of the ECCN codes library to allow users to dive deeper through the hierarchies and reach country-specific classification codes. This saves users from the complicated hierarchies and terminologies involved while determining the right ECN code.


Advanced search features


The product keyword search enables you to find the right ECCN number for exports by entering a keyword related to the particular product. The tool will yield exact or related product categories with their respective ECCN codes and regulatory lists based on the input.


The ECN/ML number search feature allows users to simply select the ECN category or choose the relevant ECN categories from the auto-suggestions presented by the tool. The resultant category is presented in a tree view which users can browse deeper to find the most accurate ECCN number for their exports.

What makes Trademo Compliance different
The one-stop tool for complete global trade compliance
Real-time updates and notifications on global compliance trends
Helps to keep track of global trends in cross-border compliance
Verified and reliable compliance data to avoid penalties and fines

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