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HS Classification

Classify products accurately and efficiently according to the HS code system

Trademo Compliance enables precise HS code classification for products from its huge database of HS nomenclature system, customs rulings, etc. so that they meet compliance norms without fail.

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Our data source
We collect and normalize authentic and verified global trade compliance data from the government and federal customs authorities which is updated on a real-time basis.
Effective HS Code Classification
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What is HS code & Why do you Need it

HS code, also known as Harmonized system code, is an identification number used for the classification of goods in international trade and for taxation purposes. The HS codes are determined as per the Harmonized system, meaning an international nomenclature system dictated by the World Customs Organization.

The first 6 digits in an HS code follow the universal nomenclature standard typical for all countries. The additional digits follow a country-specific harmonized tariff schedule and create a complete harmonized tariff code unique to that country.

Here is why you need to determine the correct HS codes for your goods.
  • Fair and accurate calculation of duties and taxes
  • Prevent penalties and fines resulting from inaccurate HTS classification
  • Avoid potential discrepancies emerging from customs assigning HS codes
  • Correct budgeting and pricing of goods
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Why choose Trademo Compliance for HS code search

A vast library of HS codes and trade data


Get duty & tax compliance information about your product catalog, the customs regulations it needs to meet for each country, and detailed insights on permits/licenses you may require for all HS codes.


The tool presents a tree view of the HS codes library which enables you to dive deeper through the hierarchies and reach country-specific tariff codes. This allows even beginners to classify products correctly and save users from the complicated hierarchies and terminologies involved while finding HS code.


Advanced search feature for effective HS code lookup


The HS code search allows you to classify your imports/exports by simply entering a 2 or 4-digit HS code. You can also browse through an exhaustive library of HS codes to find the correct code for your product and get it classified accordingly.


The product keyword search enables you to classify your imports/exports by entering a keyword related to the particular product. The tool will yield exact or related product categories with their respective HS codes based on the input. You can find out the relevant category and HS code thereby.


The tool also suggests HS codes based on the findings from the customs ruling and bills of lading data. This can help you back your product classification decisions.

What makes Trademo Compliance different
The one-stop tool for complete global trade compliance
Real-time updates and notifications on global compliance trends
Helps to keep track of global trends in cross-border compliance
Verified and reliable compliance data to avoid penalties and fines

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