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Tariffs, Duties, and Taxes

Stay updated with the latest tariffs, taxes, and duty rates

Trademo Compliance provides complete information on the latest customs tariffs, and duty rates along with all the hidden charges to enable the fair valuation of goods and minimize compliance costs.

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Our data source
We collect and normalize authentic and verified global trade compliance data from the government and federal customs authorities which is updated on a real-time basis.
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Why knowing the Right Customs and Duty Rates is Important?

Tariffs, duties, and taxes are terms, often used interchangeably, used to denote the fees levied by governments on the value of imported goods. The rates for tariffs, duties, and taxes differ as per the customs rules and regulations of different countries. Apart from the standard duties, there can be several additional charges levied upon products as decided by individual countries.

Here is how knowing the right tariffs, taxes, and duty rates helps
  • Facilitate fair and accurate valuation of imports/exports
  • Avoid penalties and fines by determining and paying rightful duties and tariffs
  • Enable customs cost saving by leveraging free trade agreements, preferential rates of duty, etc
  • Ensure suitable yet competitive pricing of products for the respective markets
  • Compare the customs rates of countries to find the most profitable market
  • Initiate effective customs management early to avoid investigations and further shipment delay
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Why Trademo Compliance for Global Taxes and Duties Updates?

Comprehensive coverage of cross-border duties

Trademo Compliance provides real-time updated information on tariffs, duties, and taxes for over 31 countries. This enables users to minimize manual efforts while determining the relevant duties and tariffs for their goods and ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance.


FTA calculation made easy

Our Landed Cost calculator tool helps users identify FTAs or Free Trade Agreements in specific trade lanes. With an automated process of finding FTAs, the tool presents users with all opportunities of reducing duties and taxes wherever possible and lowering the landed cost for their goods.


Email notifications on updates

Trademo Compliance is integrated with a notification engine that generates email alerts for users on each transaction made. The alerts notify the users about any kind of update in the duties, taxes, HS codes, FTA rates, product descriptions, etc. Users can set alerts on specific transactions for which they want to track changes.


Browse from a vast library of HS Codes

Trademo Compliance incorporates a vast library of HS codes presented in the tree view format. Users can browse through the HS codes to classify their products correctly and get information on all the relevant tariffs, duties, and taxes applicable to them.

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What makes Trademo Compliance different
The one-stop tool for complete global trade compliance
Real-time updates and notifications on global compliance trends
Helps to keep track of global trends in cross-border compliance
Verified and reliable compliance data to avoid penalties and fines

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